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Informatica Tutorial by Professional | Dallas

22 Feb, 2019
Get Online Tutorial and interactive sessions on Informatica Powercenter with real time scenarios. We provided with customized training packages and crash courses for Informatica. We offer list of certification courses such as Powercenter 7 track and 9.0x, administrator, Designer and Consultant.

Informatica Tutorial by Professional

-- Course Content:

*Module 1: Fundamentals:

Introduction to the Developer tool,
Brief Overview of Big Data Management Architecture,
Reviewing the Developer interface.

* Module 2: Developing Physical Data Objects:

Introduction to the types of physical data objects,
Using relational connections,
Using flat file connections,
Synchronize a flat file data object.

* Module 3: Viewing Data:

Introduction to data views,
Troubleshooting configurations,
Reviewing logs,
Monitoring activities.

* Module 4: Developing Mappings and Transformations:

Mapping and transformation concepts,
Core transformations,
Developing and validating a mapping,
Using transformations in a mapping.

* Module 5: Working with Dynamic Schema and Dynamic Mappings:

Introduction to dynamic mapping concepts,
Developing and running a dynamic mapping,
Reviewing a mapping template.

* Module 6: Parameters:

Parameter concepts,
Using a parameter file,
Using a parameter set.

* Module 7: Workflows:

Workflow concepts,
Creating a workflow,
Configuring a Workflow,

* Module 8: Working with Applications:

Application concepts,
Creating and deploying an application,
Stopping and redeploying an application,
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