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Yeshu Satsang Frisco - Monthly Meeting (Second Sunday, 05:30PM-06:30PM)

Residence, 13700 Rolater Road, Frisco, TX 75035

08 Dec, 2019
08 Dec, 2019

On Sunday 8th Dec 2019 at 5:30 PM

Yeshu Satsang Frisco: In Hindi, Yeshu means “Jesus” and Satsang means
“gathering of the truth.” Through small study and discussions, we like
to explore the purpose and meaning of life from the Bible. You are
invited to join, if you either know or seek to explore more about Lord
Jesus. We will meet for an hour on Sunday evenings evenings once a
month. First meet - Jan 12th, 05:30-06:30PM, in East Frisco (Rolater X
Independence, 75035).
For more info: yeshu.satsang.frisco@gmail.com
will use "Jesus: The Guru" book to guide our discussions. This book is
available for a small donation at our first meet, if you are interested
having your own copy.

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