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AAAFF 2019: American Hasi

AFS Cinema, 6259 Middle Fiskville Rd, Austin, TX 78752

15 Jun, 2019
15 Jun, 2019

After losing his day job, comedian Tushar Singh decides to pursue
stand-up comedy full-time. Growing up as the only Indian American in his
elementary school in Alabama, Singh draws upon his personal life in his
stand-up material, finding humor in the conflicts and awkwardness
between private and public life. In an attempt to accelerate his comedy
career and take advantage of his unique comedic perspective, Singh maps
out a 35-day comedy tour in India, taking part in India’s flourishing
stand-up scene. Director Laura Asherman (MARAMASO) follows Singh’s
journey from the US to India as he discovers the advantages and
challenges of making audiences laugh through his self-deprecating,
occasionally taboo humor. Along for the journey is Singh’s mother,
supporting his comedic endeavors while connecting him to his family’s
past as they tour India. Throughout the film, Singh also has the
opportunity to interview influential comedians Russell Peters, Bill
Burr, and Vir Das. Balancing humor with the struggle for success and
self-discovery, AMERICAN HASI is a funny yet emotional portrait of a
comedian at the crossroads of his life and career. – Daniel Mauro
Filmmaker Q&A expected.
Preceded by short: WRITTEN IN STONE

On Saturday 15th Jun 2019 at 2:40 PM

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