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01 Nov, 2018
Course duration: 4 Weeks
Contact us: 604-359-7916
Project workshop: 2 weeks

Workshop On a real-time Project (From 2nd week onwards) : Provided Sample requirement document to write test cases – Test case template, Requirement Traceability matrix Template, Defect template are provided.

Demo application is given to test, with Mapping to the Requirement Document. Test case execution is performed.

Day - 1:

Software Testing Introduction

Introduction to Software Testing
Project vs. Product
Error / Fault / Failure
Why Software has defects
Seven principles of testing
Cost of fixing defects - Most common defects
Verification vs. Validation
Objectives of Testing - Fundamental Test Process
Role of a Tester

Day – 2,3:

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Software Development Process
SDLC Phases
SDLC Models
Waterfall Model
Prototype Model
Spiral Model
V Model
Agile Model

Day – 4,5:

Software Testing Methodologies

Static Testing
Reviews – All details
Types of Reviews
White Box Testing
Black Box Testing
System Testing
Alpha Testing
Beta Testing
Black Box Test Design Techniques
Grey Box Testing
Use Case Testing

Day – 6,7,8,9:

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)
Requirement Analysis
Test Planning(RTM)
Test Case Development
Test Environment Setup
Test Execution
Test Cycle Closure - Criteria for Test Closure
STLC Stages & Activities Involved
Who does testing? – Roles & Responsibilities
Standard for Software Test Documentation
1. Test Plan
2. Test Design Specification
3. Test Case Specification
4. Test Procedure Specification
5. Test Item Transmittal
6. Test Log
7. Test Incident Summary
8. Test Summary Report

Day – 10,11:

Types of Testing

• Functional testing
Unit testing
Integration testing
Smoke/Sanity testing
System testing
Regression testing
User Acceptance testing
Globalization testing
Localization testing
Non-Functional testing
o Performance testing
Stress testing
Volume testing
Load testing
Endurance testing
Scalability testing
Compatibility testing
Usability testing
Install/Uninstall testing

Day – 12,13:

Defect / Bug Life Cycle & Defect Management

Defect Tracking
Defect Life Cycle
Defect Types
Defect Categorization
Guidelines on deciding Severity of a Defect
Guidelines on deciding Priority of a Defect
Cost of Quality
Defect Management Tools
HP's Quality center
Process of raising defect in QC
Mozilla's Bugzilla

(ALM) – 1 days – PAID-14

Gcase etting Started
New Account Request
New Project Request
Installation Process
Pre-requisites: ALM 11.0
Installation Steps
Logging in and Setting Passwords
Changing Password
What has Changed
New Requirements Types and Workflow: Refer to RCoE Training
User Interface has changed
PMO Projects grouped by Business Domain
Releases Functionality: Program/Project Release Folder/Structure
Reports Configuration has changed
New Features: Libraries and Baselines
Version Control
TFS Synchronization
Test Execution
Tester Roles & Responsibilities
Test Plan: Creating and Revising Scripts
Test Lab: Executing and recording results; linking defects
Logging and retesting defects

Day – 15,16:

JIRA access creation
JIRA Bug reporting
JIRA Project management

Day – 17,18:

QAComplete/TestComplete account creation
Test execution lab, reporting
Import /export

Day – 19:

Agile Testing

Day – 20:

Agile VersionOne

Automation Testing

Selenium( 7-10 Classes) – along with hands on

Java Basics

Installing Java
Installing Eclipse
Features of Java
Why Java for Selenium
Data Types
Conditional Statement & Loops
Variables and types
OOPs concepts

Selenium IDE TOPICS (3-5 days)

Installing Selenium IDE
Recording Script
Running, Pausing and debugging Script
Running a script line by line
Inserting commands in between script
XPATHS and installing firebug to get XPATHS
Wait Commands
Verification and Assertions
Should I use verify or assertion
Creating Test Suites.
Executing Test Suites.
Editing Test Suites.

Selenium WebDriver TOPICS ( 1 Week) Along with JUNIT & TestNG

Introduction to WebDriver
Downloading and configuring webDriver
Integration of WebDriver in Eclipse
WebDriver Java Doc
Implementing Classes of WebDriver
Object Recognization
WebDriver commands
Writing WebDriver scripts.
Working with External files.
Parameterizing the test scripts.
Creating Object Repository.
Integrating webDriver scripts with junit framework
Integrating WebDriver scripts with testNG framework.
Creating Data driven webdrivertestNG framework.

TESTNG TOPICS (collaborated with WebDriver while teaching)

What is TestNg
Installing TestNg in Eclipse
TestNg annotations
Understanding usage of annotations
Running a Test in TestNg
Batch Running of tests in TestNg
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