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QA Testing Online Training

29 Feb, 2020
Icon IT Inc in Frisco, TX provides Online QA training with quality assurance certification for beginners and advanced level students also get Software Quality Assurance training course materials.
Contact 210-331-7879.
QA Testing Online Training

IconITInc is one of the best training institute in leading IT online training. We provide bestQA online trainingwith our highly professional real-time trainers. RunningQATesting results in dramatically improved performance, simplified administration and streamlined IT landscape resulting in lowering total cost of ownership. IconITInc also does corporate training and help them to train their employees.


Why do you choose testing?
Need to correlate
What is Project?
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What is a product?
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What is Quality?
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Why Software bugs?
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What is testing?

Where exactly testing come into picture?

Conventional testing
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Unconventional testing

Software Development Life Cycle

Initial (or) Requirements phase
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Analysis phase
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Design phase
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Coding phase
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Testing phase
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Delivery and Maintenance phase

Testing Methodology

Black box Testing
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White box testing
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Gray box testing

Levels of testing

Unit level testing
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Module level testing
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Integration level testing
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System level testing
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User acceptance level testing


One tire architecture (or) Standalone environment
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Two-tier architecture (or) Client alone environment
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Three tier architecture (or) Web environment
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N-tier architecture (or) Distributed environment

Software Development Models

Waterfall model
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Prototype model
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Evolutionary model
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Spiral model
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Fish model
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Types of testing

Build verification testing
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Regression testing
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Alpha testing
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Beta testing
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Static testing
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Dynamic testing
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Installation testing
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Compatibility testing
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Monkey testing
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Usability testing
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End-to-End testing
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Exploratory testing
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Security testing
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Port testing
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Reliability testing
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Mutation testing
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Adhoc testing

Software Testing Life Cycle

Test planning
Contents of the test plan
Test Development
Use case reviews
Types of test cases
Formats of testing documents
Testing process
Test case design
Test design techniques
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Test Execution phase
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Result Analysis phase
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Bug tracking and reporting
Types of bugs
Identifying the bugs
Isolation the bugs
Bug life cycle
Reporting the bugs
Classical bug reporting
Common repository oriented bug reporting process
Bug tracking tool oriented bug reporting process

Mobile Testing

What is Mobile Testing?
How is Mobile Testing different from Web Testing?
What is Android Emulator and iPhone Simulator
Exercise & Assignments

Understanding Android Framework for Effective Testing

Architecture Overview
Application Life Cycle Management
Application Components
Using Resources
Content Providers
Exercise & Assignments

Setting up Android Emulator for Testing

Setting up Eclipse IDE
Setting up Android SDK
Setting up Eclipse Android ADT Plugin
Setting up Android Virtual Devices
Android Versions and SDKs
Types of Android AVDs

Testing Android User Interface

Various Layout types, such as LinearLayout, RelativeLayout etc
UI Events
View Hierarchy
Exercise & Assignments

Verifying Data on SQLite Database

SQLite on Android
SQL Basics
Database Connectivity
Data Binding
Using ContentProvider
Implementing ContentProvider
Exercise & Assignments

Testing Web Applications on Mobile Devices

What is HTML5
Mobile Browser Compatibility
Testing Strategy
Testing Steps
Industry Tools for Web Application Testing on Mobile Devices
Exercise & Assignments

Using JUnit for Android Unit Testing

Getting Started with JUnit
Creating JUnit Test Cases
Testing for Exceptions
Test Fixtures
Test Suites
Running Tests and Reporting
Exercise & Assignments

Android Testing Environment

Android Test Projects
Android Test Case Classes
Additional Android Assertions
Mock Object Classes
Touch and Key Events
Testing and Threading Issues
Exercise & Assignments

Productivity Tips

The Android Debug Bridge (ADB) and the Android Emulator Console
Installing and Uninstalling Apps
Copying Files to and from the Emulator/Device
Issuing Shell Commands on the Emulator/Device
Viewing the System Log with ADBlogcat
Emulator Runtime Images: User Data and SD Card
Exercise & Assignments

Anatomy of QTP
Parts of QTP
Recording and Running

Recording and Run Settings
Recording Modes

Object repository

Types of Objects

Local and Shared Repositories
Object Identification
Types of Objects
QTP Life Cycle

Test Planning
Generating the basic test
Enhancing the test
Inserting the Check Point Statements
Inserting the Synchronization Point Statements
Parameterization the test(Data Driven Testing)
Inserting the Out Put values
Inserting Transaction point Statements
Inserting the Programmatic Statements
Utility Statements
Inserting the comments
Writing the script statements manual
Debugging the test
Executing the test
Analyzing the Results

Advanced Topics

Virtual object Configuration
Batch testing
Recovery Scenario’s
Environment Variables
Regular Expressions
Library Files/Function Library
Descriptive Programming
Data table methods

Introduction to Quality Center

What is Quality Center?
Why use Quality Center
Version of Quality Center
Overview of quality Center user interface
Various tabs in Quality center

Requirement Module

Requirement Module Overview
Creating Requirement tree
Creating Parent & Child requirements
Understanding the Description tab
Understanding the History tab
Uploading attachments to the requirement
A glance at various columns in requirement
Types of views in requirement module
Requirement grid view
Requirement coverage view

Test Plan Module

Creating folder structure
Create test cases
Using parameters
Template test cases
‘Call to test’ feature
Requirement coverage

Test Lab Module

Overview of Test Lab
Detail of various tabs
Creating folders
Creating Test sets
Adding test cases
Different columns in Execution Grid
Execution Flow tab
Scheduling Test runs
Test Set Properties tab
Linked Defects tab
Running Tests manually
Running Tests automatically
Viewing Test results

Quality Center Defects

Overview of Defects
Creating defects after test execution
Adding defects in defect module
Creating defects during test execution
Linking Defects
How to close a defect
Closing defects after retest
Mailing the defects

Quality Center Reports and Graphs

Why Reports & Graphs?
How to create reports & graphs for Analysis?


Introduction to LoadRunner

Introduction to load testing
Functionality of LoadRunner
LoadRunner usage

Record and Run

Record functionality
Run functionality
Recording and executing a sample application


What are actions?
Creating multiple actions
Calling actions from other scripts


Introduction to parameterization
Necessity of parameterization
Various sources of doing parameterization


What is the transaction?
Need to use transaction
Reporting transaction time


Understanding the Controller
Usage of Controller
Features of Controller
Rendezvous point


Understanding Correlation
Need to correlate
Process of correlation
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